Selling your home without a real estate agent

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Selling your home without a real estate agent

Today, it is becoming a trend to sell your home privately! The process is known as FSBO (for sale by owner) and it brings out various potential advantages for a house owner to sell his property without involving a real estate agent such as saving a good amount of money in the form of commission. This could be surprising news for you, but the more astonishing thing is that selling home privately is far easier than you think!

Reasons to sell own properties privately

There are many reasons why people choose to sell their own properties privately. Some of them include the following;

Cost of savings: Real estate agents normally charge 2-3% of the total sales amount. Hence, the commission amount can be around 6000 pounds and can go more based on the property value. You can save this amount if you decide to sell your home privately.


Private properties seem to yield the same value as if you would do with the help of a real estate agent because market decides the value of a property rather than the buyer or seller. However, selling your house privately is more effective in sellers’ point of view as they are allowed to find a suitable buyer easily and quickly in the market. If you choose to sell privately, you can save many expenses and have more cash to your pocket.

Personal risks:

People who experience financial difficulties can choose to sell their property privately. They may have some negative equity in their house or want to sell it faster. Choosing to sell property privately will help you enjoy a faster and more efficient sale.

Private sale not only save you money but also make the process faster and efficient than you would with a real estate agent. However, you will want to plan your private house sale before you move ahead. Check out things that you can do yourself and seek professional advice and assistance in the needed areas. Keep a contingency plan in handy to use if your house has not get sold within the specific time frame.

It is really very important to understand the fact that private sale is not a piece of cake. You will need to be your own real estate agent to sell the property privately, means you have to learn the fundamentals of real estate and promote the house to potential buyers. Fortunately, certain agencies have started online service where you can post your home for sale ad and attempt to sell it privately. You don’t need to pay any commission for this service as you would for a real estate agent.

Look for the best and most reliable private sale agency online by writing “sell my home fast” at popular search engines. This will definitely help you to sell your home faster and quicker. With all these points kept in your mind, you will be able to make more return while selling your property.

Selling your home without a real estate agent